Friday, 8 March 2013

Pouring WATER on troubled oil might be the answer!!

Science moves step-closer to developing hydrogen as cheap and clean energy form

We all know our country if not the world as currently organised is running out of energy. Oil is getting scarcer and every time you stop to refuel your car the cost rises literally from your previous visit. The rock and a hard place operate between insatiably greedy commodities speculators who cynically manipulate the world cost of crude oil to the coalition government whose taxes on a gallon mean they grab 80p in every pound thus turning your petrol station into another tax collection office.

There’s an engineer who lives in New York who has come up with a possible pretty amazing solution. It provides free energy plus it is totally environmentally friendly. In fact his system is so good he hasn’t had a utility bill for eight years plus he is paid for his excess electricity production which feeds back into the national grid.

His secret is rain water yes rain water. He has hooked up an array of solar panels which produce electric tha he has rigged up to pass voltage through the water. This splits it into its component parts hydrogen and oxygen. The oxygen is returned to the atmosphere and the hydrogen is then stored in tanks previously used for propane gas. He can then use the hydrogen for heating his house plus running his car. The beauty of burning hydrogen is that what comes out of the exhaust pipe is wait for this WATER!

I say bring him to the UK to set up a franchise to research and develop this idea and begin manufacturing it and installing these systems in homes and factories throughout our country. Think its too good to be true watch the video of how he did it. He’s now working on a hydrogen powered speed boat!


  1. Great idea but he will have spent about £50,000 or more for this set-up which is more than most people will pay for energy in their lifetimes.

    There are plenty of companies in the UK already doing this, problem is the cost.

    We would do better to remove the subsidies on renewable's and reduce the taxes on traditional energies. win, win.

    1. When I first bought a DVD player I paid £315 for it as it had just appeared on the market. Shortly before the Blueray took over I needed a new DVD player and walked into Tesco where I got one which did more than my original model for £19.99. Any new tech like this will be more expensive until it goes mainstream