Thursday, 1 May 2014

Cross-Party campaign to brand UKIP racist

Lets have a little bit of what the BBC likes to call balance to this one sided debate for example


Tory councillor Dr. Peter Moseley, was a former BNP member,
Tory councillor Danny Mayzes, said a film featuring violent vigilantes offered a good way of dealing with immigrants

 Tory councillor David Whittaker was found guilty of sexual assault on a child and causing a child under the age of 16 to watch a sexual act.

Tory MP Aiden Burely who went to a Nazi stag do with people who were dressed in SS uniforms that's ok. He's still an MP

Tory councillor John Morgan from Highclere Gardens was convicted of stealing £150,000 from now deceased 92-year-old Beryl Gittens between 2004 and 2012

Tory party adviser Patrick Rock described as David Cameron’s policy fixer, Rock, 62, was a key member of the Prime Minister’s inner circle at Downing Street, and had been involved in drawing up Government policy on internet porn filters.was detained on child porn charges in February 

Tory Maria Miller, the Culture Secretary, resigned after allegetions by the Parliamentery Standards Watchdog that she misappropriated £45,000. A committee of her fellow MPs decided she repay just £5,800 of the expenses she imbezzled.

Tory peer Lord Hanningfield jailed for falsely claiming £28,000 in parliamentary expenses.

Tory Political Research Unit holding gay orgies and billing the taxpayer for the sessions at the £2500 a night Light Apart Hotel


Labour Party allowed Margret Burke to run and be elected as a councillor even though she was Deputy Fuhrer of a Neo Nazi group.

Labours Harriet Harman and Patricia Hewitt in the Labour party leadership who along with Lord Justice Fulford helped promote the aims of the Paedophile Information Exchange in its attempts to legalise sex with babies as young as four years old

Labours Shadow cabinet minister Jack Dromey On a visit to a Royal Mail sorting office made racist remarks calling a postal worker a "pikey" on Twitter

Labour councillor Nilgun Canver found guilty of falsely claiming money from Harrow Council

Labour councillor Mahmood Hussain said he could not support a prospective female councillor because she was too white and a Jew

Labour blogger Steven Downes candidate Andrew Pelling, arrested by Police over allegations of assaulting his pregnant wife in Croydon published racist remarks that an Indian-born Tory candidate to the effect he was unsuitable to represent the area as he didnt even hold a UK passport

Labour councillor Ann Jackson dismissed the people of Tower Hamlets as nothing more than curry people in a email.

Labour MP  Ian Lavery was criticised after he posed for a picture with his son who had blacked up to look like Michael Jackson

Labour Peer Lord Ahmed racist jibes blaming Jewish-owned media organisations for his imprisonment for dangerous driving

Labous Diane Abbot threatened with the sack unless she withdrew racist jibes she made on twitter


Lib Dem candidate David Jack for Stoke North resigned after being caught making racist comments by e-mail

Lib Dems whoes leader Nick Clegg has developed a bad case of amnesia over the balooning Cyril Smith child abuse affair plus about to be sued by Smiths victims.

Lib Dem Councillor Stephen Fenwick Worcester Park convicted of a racially aggravated assault on a train against an immigrant.

Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock accused of sexually abusing a constituent and remains an MP for them.

Lib Dem Warren Swaine made blatantly racist comments about MP Chuka Umunna Labour MP for Streatham

Lib Dem  Ajit Atwal who is a councillor and magistrate refused to resign after posing with an AK-47 rifle and posting the picture on Twitter.

Lib Dem candidate Anna Pascoe was forced to apologise over the offensive racist leaflet she issued which described her Cornish Nationalist opponent as being a "GREASY HAIRED T**T"

Lib Dems Tom Winnifrith and Jonathan Mathews suggestion that black people were responsible for problem estates were party candidates in Tower Hamlets London

Lib Dem Chief Secretary to the Treasury David Laws resigned from the Cabinet  falsely claiming around £40,000 in expenses on a second home owned by a secret partner

Lib Dem Lord Rennard affair when 11 female members of the party brought sexual misconduct allegations against the parties biggest doner dating back to 2003 when the first groping allegations were made to by victims to the party but were quietly hushed up.


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